Jeeves' Journal

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Before I had Arthur, I did not understand how any parent balanced their work load, home life and raising a child. I mean, surely there is not enough time in the day to mange it all? Even at 26 and child free, I was already struggling to see my friends, work full time and feed myself, let alone throwing a baby in the mix. I just could not see how anyone would be able to fit it all in.

Growing up, my mother was a learning support teacher, beautician and was studying in her spare time. My dad worked as an engineer in the Army and spent a lot of my teenage years deployed. These work pressures and commitments usually meant my siblings and I were forced to entertain ourselves, becoming independent at quite a young age. I hoped that with my own children I would be able to install the same work ethic my parents had, without compromising any of our family time.

When I was asked to work with Pippa, I was overjoyed. I had watched Pippa build Jeeves & Co up from nothing. I saw her highs and lows of starting a new business and I was in awe of her resilience. To be asked to join Pippa on her journey with Jeeves & Co felt like such an honour and a privilege. With flexible working, I was able to attend all Arthurs classes, appointments and play dates without compromising my work. Pippa rented a baby safe office so I did not have to pay for childcare and wouldn’t miss a moment with my boy. I had never worked in such a progressive atmosphere and if I’m honest, I fell in love with it. Although Arthur was young, I was able to show him a modern, women owned and run, happy working environment, something the corporate world is seriously lacking.

When you shop at small businesses like Jeeves & Co, you are really supporting the families who own and work for them. If it wasn't for my role with Jeeves & Co, I would not be able to spend the quality time with my son whilst providing for his future. For this, I am so thankful. By shopping at our little stationery company, you are making our dreams come true. Your purchase of writing paper helps fund clothes for Arthur, food for Juniper and puts a roof over both mine and Pippa's heads. Thank you for giving us the balance in our lives we have always endeavored to have. 

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