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When Should You Send Christmas Cards

When Should You Send Christmas Cards


Is it just me or is Christmas getting earlier and earlier each year? Not that I am complaining of course. If it were up to me, I would eat mince pies and drink mulled wine every day of the week if it didn’t mean having to buy new jeans each month. Plus, there is something about Christmas (perhaps the smells or the lights) that just make you feel what I can only describe as ‘fuzzy’ inside.

2020 being a challenging and slightly odd year has seen a lot of people put their Christmas trees and decorations up early (most likely wanting that ‘fuzzy’ feeling). As stationery addicts ourselves, decorations in the family home included Christmas cards received from loved ones.

So traditionally, when should you send these delightfully joyous pieces of folded card?

Well, lets face it, social distancing restrictions and the strain of an increased workload means there are likely to be some delays from our nation’s wonderful delivery service, Royal Mail. These delays can stretch to as long as two weeks in some places. Previous years, we would recommend writing and sending your cards during the first full week of December. This would mean your loved ones would receive their cards during the festive peak, also allowing a chance for a return card to be sent (we have all been there).  However, this year is a little different. We would suggest you send your cards the last week of November to allow for the all the unusual circumstances this year. It may seem early to some, but what a great excuse to get festive in November.

So, pop on your matching winter pyjamas, make yourself a cosy hot chocolate and get writing this year’s happy snail mail. Why not include a heartfelt letter in your cards to make your loved ones feel extra special! 


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