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Our top five Christmas Presents for Partners

Our top five Christmas Presents for Partners

It can be difficult buying thoughtful and unique gifts for your partners and loved ones. Jeeves & Co are here to help!

We have listed five of our top selling keepsakes and presents for your better halves to help make it a little easier!

Our products can be completely personalised to your relationship and are sure to make your someone special smile…


Personalised Date Night Cards

from £21.20

These beautifully personalised date night cards are the perfect Christmas gift for you and your partner to enjoy. With 26 ‘Going Out’ dates and 26 ‘Staying In’ dates, you can experience a different activity every week for a year.

All cards can per personalised with both your names, and are boxed within a luxury, hot foil stamped gift box.


Personalised Date Night Cheques

from £15.00

Express your affection with our silver foiled Date Night Cheques and give the gift that keeps on giving.

Our chequebook holds 15 personalised date activities for you and your loved one to enjoy. But be warned… you’ll have to pay up on demand!

Choose from our suggested set of romantic activities or get creative and write your own special ones which can be printed by us or handwritten at home.


10 Reasons why I love you Keepsake

from £16.00

Our unique Little Box of Love contains 10 Kraft envelopes printed with yours and your loved one's names and a significant date.

Concealed in each envelope are your ‘Reasons why I love you’ notes. You can choose to either have these printed on to your note cards by us or we'll provide them blank so that you can handwrite each reason yourself.

Finally, we box these beautiful keepsakes in a gold foiled matchbox style gift box, available in a choice of matte black or satin white.


Cheques of Appreciation

from £15.00

Our Cheques of Appreciation are a fully-customisable Gratitude & Recognition chequebook. Featuring 15 thoughtful coupons ready to be gifted to the extra-special people in your life.

Our gold foiled chequebook holds 15 personalised cheques of appreciation, which can either be printed for you, or you can handwrite each cheque at home.

Once you're received your cheque book it's up to you how you use it! A gift that’s sure to make your loved one feel extra special!


Little Acts of Kindness: A Thoughtful Gesture Chequebook

from £15.00

Our foiled Little Acts of Kindness Cheques are a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift for loved ones.

Each cheque can be printed with a different 'Act of Kindness' of your devising; this is what you promise to do for/with your partner. For example, you might promise that you'll do the dishes for a week or promise your partner a foot rub after a hard day at work. The choice is yours what little acts of kindness you give back, but remember, you should always keep your promises.