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Lockdown Letter Love

Lockdown Letter Love

There are several adjectives I could use to describe 2020, most of them cannot be repeated! Some words, however, have come as a surprise. Words such as 'touching', 'grateful', 'indispensable'… Words you'd not think would describe a pandemic. 

Every week, without fail, standing on your doorstep and cheering for the NHS; arranging weekly zoom calls, virtual quizzes and games with loved ones; practising culinary skills and leaving the sometimes questionable results at family and friends doors; realising how important school and teachers are for your children (and your sanity); and of course, appreciating what is truly important to you.

This year has been tough in so many ways for so many people, but despite the worry and loneliness... love and kindness has prevailed! Jeeves & Co. has witnessed this newfound thoughtfulness in unprecedented ways. Our personalised orders have been filled with compassion and love, and with declarations of fondness and words of longing. We've also seen our writing paper increase in popularity, with more and more people choosing the personal touch over the digital. 

For Jeeves & Co., there is something wonderfully nostalgic and comforting about receiving a handwritten letter, and we can see from our amazing customers that we aren't the only ones feeling this way. Snail mail is such a meaningful way to stay in touch and in a time where we're being told to stay apart, it's helping bring us closer together again.

 Looking for some inspiration? Check out our beautiful Water Birds Writing Paper or our Flights of Fancy Writing Paper which was featured in The Independent back in May.  

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