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How To Make Your Wedding Day Covid Safe

How To Make Your Wedding Day Covid Safe

Covid-19 certainly changed the majority of big plans last year (I’m still dreaming of our first holiday abroad with Arthur), but for those who had planned their special day, the added financial drain and uncertainty of further postponement made 2020 especially difficult.  

With the announcement of Lockdown finally easing and the go ahead for weddings for 2021, life is officially back track.  

If you have been lucky enough to move your wedding to a new date this year, you may still be feeling uneasy about sticking to social distancing regulations and making sure your wedding is Covid safe.

Here are some tips to help ease your concerns.


  • Limit your numbers

One immensely helpful thing that came out of not socialising for 12 months is that we have all realised those who matter most in our life. Keep that in mind when you are sending your invites. You do not have to invite your second cousin twice removed just to appease your mother.


  • Try to stick to family and friendship bubbles

An example of this is that myself, my husband and my son live together, while my dad in law in bubbled with us. Separately my parents live together and have bubbled with my nan. Even if it may seem like 4 households mixing, this is actually 2 so much safer when it comes to socialising.

  • Use the above tip while looking at table planning

Do you really need to mix half of the grooms’ guests with half of the brides on each table? It may be safer for you to keep it in the family so to speak. Keep guests on tables they feel safer around and know well.


  • Take it outside

With the weather warming up and the fact we already know that if you are in the open air you are less likely to transmit Covid, what a great excuse to take it outside! Talk to your venue. If they are able, can they move the tables outside? Can you move your disco to an open space? If you don’t ask, you won’t get. 

  • Masks and hand sanitiser

You can get some absolutely beautiful masks these days, and in every colour. What about getting your guests matching masks for group photos? You can even have them on the tables as a wedding favour. It is also important that there are hand sanitising stations around your venue, so your guests are able to clean their hands throughout the day.

  • Ask the staff to wear PPE and limit contact

Most catering staff have this covered, but if not, you can ask that the waiting staff wear gloves and masks. When it comes to drinks, keeping a few bottles on the tables may limit unnecessary trips to the bar or waiting staff to the tables. Guests also love a table full of wine, I know this form experience.


  • Ask those attending to take a Rapid Covid Test

Yes, you are absolutely okay to ask this! It is for the safety of you and your loved ones. You may also wish to temperature check your guests at the door. Its quick and simple and helps to stop the spread of Covid.

  • Go contactless

If you have a pay bar, ask your guests and your bar staff to only use contactless payments and to sanitise the card machine regularly.


  • Live stream your ceremony

You may have guests that are unable to attend your special day due to number restrictions or shielding, but that should not stop them being a part of it. We are all familiar with Zoom calls now, so why not Zoom your wedding day, so no one misses out. 

  • Food trucks

Instead of a sit-down meal, how about a food truck outside? This will give a relaxed feel to your day and limit contact between waiting staff and guests. There are so many lovely choices of independent food trucks, with almost every type of cuisine to choose from.



Finally, have fun and enjoy your day surrounded by the people you love most. The most important part of any wedding day is the union of two soulmates, however it happens.


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