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Girlboss Diaries: May 2017

Girlboss Diaries: May 2017

I am now three months into running my own business and I am busier and more content than ever.

It is this busyness (I’m not sure if that’s actually a word) that I blame for somehow managing to miss my April instalment. I started writing it numerous times, but there was always another order to print, email to answer or design to complete.

Now it’s May and I am in a state of elation after receiving an email late last week inviting Jeeves & Co. to become a Not On The High Street partner. This has been an ambition of mine since I started Jeeves & Co. and I have been working tirelessly to develop a strong, cohesive and innovative collection of stationery, while keeping to my environmentally-friendly ethos.

The last month has been amazing, I’ve had record sales and profits and I’m starting to feel an equilibrium in my work, life balance that I haven’t had before.

One of the reasons I set up Jeeves & Co., was because I wanted the opportunity to have a career that was kind to my wellbeing and personal life. Like many people, when I was an employee I was often stressed and tired from working into my evenings and weekends and I slowly became very disenchanted with the profession I was in.

When I set up Jeeves & Co. I was in such a hurry to establish myself that I forgot why I was doing it. I worked 15 hours a day without a break and any day without a sale I saw as a failure. By mid-April I was exhausted and a little depressed.

So I took some time to consider my priorities and my goals. I realised that for myself, I don’t actually need to be wildly successful by the end of the month, I just want to gradually build a sustainable and fruitful business doing what I love and doing it well and nobody is expecting me to do more than that either.

So I’ve changed the way I work, mornings are for hard-work, afternoons are for painting, printing and packaging, and evenings are for whatever I want to do, even if that is doing a little bit of extra work!

The next month is going to be a very busy one as I prepare for my first craft fair at the Norwich Makers Market and as my Not On The High Street storefront opens for business.

Finally, I just wanted to say a huge thank to everyone for their support over two months, that includes every Instagram likes, Facebook shares, order and review.

Warmest Wishes,

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