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Girlboss Diaries: March 2017

Girlboss Diaries: March 2017

Today I’ve officially been in business a month and to mark the occasion I’ve decided to start a monthly blog post that focuses on my experience of setting up and managing my own business. I want to give as honest an account as possible and give my readers and customers some insight into the goings on behind the scenes at Jeeves & Co. Design Studio.

Let's start with the introductions... my name is Pippa Geaves (pronounced 'Jeeves') and I live in Suffolk, Britain. I've just turned 26 and I'm the owner of Jeeves & Co. Design Studio.

I officially set up Jeeves & Co. with HMRC on February 13 2017 and was ecstatic when I received orders and enquiries that very same day! Most of this initial interest was due to social media and the support of friends and family, and friends of family and friends.

Since then I’ve been gradually trying to broaden awareness of my brand and products to people outside of my acquaintance by sending samples of my correspondence sets to stationery bloggers. I’ve received some amazing product reviews so far and I’m really grateful for the support that these industry bloggers have shown me.

It took a few weeks until I got my first order from an absolute stranger, but it was worth the wait! When my phone pinged and I saw the order, I was practically jumping around the room!

Progress has been slow and steady, but it’s been there and that’s the most important thing and I've ended my first month with far more business and interest than I expected. 

Today I set up my Etsy shop which I hope will broaden my audience even further and because later this month I will be launching a very special new collection that I plan to sell on Etsy and at

I’ll be introducing a number of new features to the website and adding new collections over the next month, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Finally, I just wanted to say a huge thank to everyone for their support over the last month, that includes every Instagram likes, Facebook shares, orders and reviews.

Warmest Wishes,

P.S. You can follow my journey via social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram