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Compassion through Covid

Compassion through Covid

Throughout the final months of 2020, Jeeves & Co will be donating 5% of all profits to the Alzheimer's Society.

A charity close to Pippa’s heart, Jeeves & Co owner and founder personally experienced dementia in her family and has seen the impact it has on the sufferers and carers.

Over a million of the UKs most vulnerable citizens live in care homes, of which 70% are living with dementia. During this pandemic, care homes have unfortunately been left to support themselves. Amongst COVID-19 deaths, Dementia and Alzheimer disease has been the most common main pre-existing condition and 49.5% of ALL deaths of care home residents involving COVID-19 had Dementia and Alzheimer disease.

Through lockdown, many dementia sufferers have further been isolated from society, unable to see family and friends during this time. Not only is this scary period for the vulnerable, but an extremely lonely time as well.

The Alzheimer's Society is a wonderful charity whose volunteers and employees have spent lockdown helping and supporting those living with dementia, and the families of those with dementia.

Please take a look at The Alzheimer's Society and the Music for Dementia campaign for ways in which you can help some of our most vulnerable in these worrying times. 

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