Jeeves' Journal

2019, What A Year!

2019, What A Year!

As we move into a New Year, here at Jeeves & Co we think it is the perfect time to reflect on the last 12 months.

For Jeeves & Co, 2019 has been a year of growth. Not only physical growth in the business itself, but also growth as a workforce and in our own personal lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our amazing milestones of 2019, and to thank every one of you for supporting our little independent company.


January saw Jeeves & Co receive an incredible about of orders ready for Valentine’s day. Being a company that loves to spread love, it was a pleasure to be apart of so many of your special days. At this time, Pippa was a one-woman band, working in her recently renovated home office where she had only moved into a couple of months earlier.

In February Jeeves & Co hit our 2000th order, an amazing accomplishment for such a young company.

March was an incredible month personally for the whole team here. Pippa and I both met our babies (on the same day may I add) and became mothers to Arthur & Juniper.

At the end of March, Jeeves & Co also released a bunch of new products; our amazing Cheques of Appreciation and Little Acts of Kindness Chequebooks, and our set of beautifully bound Notebooks. To say this was a busy month for us would be an understatement.

June was another important month for Jeeves & Co. Firstly, discussions were in play regarding the employment of the best colleague in the world (that’ll be me), but secondly and of course, more importantly, Pippa got engaged to Oliver. Planning for the special day started almost immediately, and as well as Pippa updating the new Jeeves & Co website, she had her own wedding site to start. Being Pippa’s Maid of Honour, I have had the pleasure of being apart of all the wedding talk since this date, and have been sharing in the excitement of the wedding stationery designs that of course Jeeves & Co have created.

Our Curious Cats weekly planner was also designed and released in June 2019. A personal favourite of mine (currently using this purrrrfect pad to organise life with a small child), having another new product on sale for Jeeves & Co was a big achievement for the company.  

In September we received the keys to our temporary external office! This was the first external office EVER, and it allowed Jeeves & Co the space to grow its team. It became official… Jeeves & Co employed its first members of staff! Myself (Customer service, Marketing, Copywriter and General Administrator) and Arthur (Unpaid Intern, just in the office as a distraction really) became the newest employees at Jeeves & Co. Teaming up with the Pippa (Company Owner, Designer, Product Developer & Big Boss) and Juniper (Box shredder & Nanny to Arthur), we became the unstoppable workforce of Jeeves & Co. Find out more about the team from our Meet The Team pages.

Christmas commenced in October for Jeeves & Co and prepping began for the most magical time of year. Yes, this may seem early to some, but not for the Jeeves & Co family. With the excitement of the new office, our first Christmas as working mums, and the orders steadily coming in, we were certainly feeling festive. October was the start of our Giving Back initiative for 2019, choosing 3 charities to help in the final months of the year.

November was another incredible month here at Jeeves & Co. After months of hard work, our new website finally went live. Subsequently, we launched Jeeves’ Journal, a monthly newsletter full of stationery news, eco-friendly gift ideas and exciting offers to all subscribers.

November also saw the creation of another brand-new product for Jeeves & Co; our Dapper Dogs charity notebook. All profits from these beautiful notebooks go to HULA Animal Rescue.

December, our final month in our temporary office, was busy creating all your beautifully handmade stationery and keepsakes. We were featured in a local bloggers Independent Christmas Gift Guide, a fantastic milestone for us as a small business.

The month finished on a high, not only feeling ready for our Christmas holidays, but with a real sense of achievement on everything Jeeves & Co had accomplished over the last 12 months. The keys were handed back to the office owners and Jeeves & Co closed shop for some well-deserved R & R. What a year we had!

Thank you for not only supporting our Small, UK Business, but also choosing to shop eco and ethically.  Your purchases have helped us grow as a company, and have aided numerous charities including MK ACT, HULA Animal Rescue, Post Pals & The Woodland Trust.

So what can be expected for 2020?

We are looking forward to another year of growth for Jeeves & Co.

Currently in development are new exciting eco-friendly stationery and keepsakes looking to be live on Not On The High Street & in the next few weeks.

Myself and Arthur are still here working with Pippa to keep you all updated with all our exciting news, including the wedding of the year (maybe of the decade), Arthur’s and Juniper's first birthdays, and of course, all our beautiful handmade products.

Thank you again for a wonderful 2019 and wishing you all an amazing 2020!